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Sewing for Myself! February 27, 2014

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At the beginning of the month, I read about a super-easy contest over on the pattern revolution blog. Simply sew yourself something and enter your pictures. It’s meant to encourage us to sew more for ourselves (instead of our kids!).  I’ll admit I’m the worst at sewing for myself.   I don’t have an awesome setup for sewing what seems like HUGE pieces of fabric when I sew myself something. I have to get my 15-year-old cardboard cutting board out from under the couch…


Then find floor space. The whole thing is just ridiculous.   But, I did come up with a few things for myself that didn’t take up much space…

After living in Maine for 7 years, I finally realized this year that I hate scarves.   They are too tight and I hate them in the car.  I recently discovered infinity scarves and decided those looked ideal – no tightness.   So in December, I made a super-easy one, but it was too wide.  So just this month, I decided that I could take the scarves my mother-in-law has knitted for me over the years and sew the ends together.   Voila,  super-easy infinity scarf!


I did this to two scarves and feel so smart every time I wear them.

Now, this winter has been ridiculously cold, and my feet are the worst. I’ve worn through 4 pairs of slippers THIS WINTER alone.    So I decided to make my own.   The first attempt,  I up-sized this pattern for me.  ( I had made a pair for my daughter, so I knew how easily they went together. I wouldn’t normally recommend sizing up from a 12-18M to a size 6.5 womens….).  I only made one at first to check for fit.  I didn’t have slipper bottom fabric, so I used that stuff that stops your rugs from slipping….This is the result after wearing it for less than one week:


Needless to say, Joann’s ‘anti-pill fleece’ is NOT ‘anti-pill!’  And the stuff on the bottom – leaves remnants everywhere!  So I do not recommend either!

So I found this free pattern and tried again.  The end result:

slippers_1 slippers_2

Just Beautiful. And I’m warm and happy.   And now I can enter the contest! Next project – finally make that simple bag I’ve been dreaming about to replace this bag that I take to work two days/week:


Yup, it was a free bag from the hospital when my son was born! Classy.


Can you have too many Bubblegum Dresses? February 2, 2014

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I apologize to all of you who were checking my blog everyday for my first ‘real’ post that I said would be in January 2014….Oh, wait, I think that was only ME who kept checking it to see if I had posted anything yet.  Well, both kiddos had an unusually LONG naptime today, so I was able to sit down and put this together!  Thank goodness the Patriots didn’t make the Super Bowl or I’d be much busier today….I hope I don’t use too many exclamation points in this. I over-use them because I refuse to use emoticons and I’m very sarcastic.

So, I rarely use the same pattern more than once.  It’s not a purposeful choice or because I don’t love many, many patterns; it’s just the circumstances of having a 4 year old, a 16 Month old, a part-time job, a part-time business, a house to maintain and a husband!  (and we’ll soon add ‘old house to pack up, rental house to move into, new house to build….’)

However, there is one exception. The Bubblegum Dress (and the Bubblegum Swing Dress Add-on) by Candy Castle Patterns.

Full disclosure, the first time I made one was as a pattern tester (basically, when a designer needs you to make something from their pattern to make sure it fits and the instructions are clear…).  Last May, I saw a call for testers on the PDF Pattern Sales and Promotion Facebook group (a place where I spend WAY too much time) for a super-cute pattern by Candy Castle Patterns called the Bubblegum Dress. It was cute with little ties and it was a small enough size to fit my daughter.  I had only tested for one designer before that, and it was for a pattern that was eventually free, so it didn’t feel as if it was a REAL pattern test.  I signed up for the call, was randomly picked (I’m sure it was mainly due to my daughter’s measurements because the only other thing she could go by was my name and my self-described photography skills as ‘well, some people have asked if some pictures we took were professional…’).

I gave a lot of feedback on the pattern ( I’m kind of opinionated, but the designer completely appreciated it…from what she tells me!), and I was super happy with the dress itself.   In fact, 8 months later, she STILL wears this one! (she is small for her age)


Then, there was a sew-a-long in the Candy Castle Patterns Facebook Group for the Add-on to turn this into a swing dress! (i.e. a dress that TWIRLS!) I shortened mine to be more of a tunic length because she was crawling at this time!


(the bottoms are the Butterscotch Bloomers, also by Candy Castle!)

Then, we needed a dress for Thanksgiving…


I also made a sweet little 0-3M sized one for my niece but realized I have no pictures of it!! Probably because I was finishing it as I was packing to visit them….

So, with three versions in our closet (that we are still wearing), I would 100% recommend this pattern! It can be done in knit or woven, it comes in sizes NB to 14y, it is super-wearable and practical, the directions are superb and easy to follow, it can be layered during the (long, long) winter months, and you will get a ton of use out of it.  Granted, my daughter is super short, but even if she ever does outgrow the length, we have many pairs of leggings to solve that problem!

Stay tuned for more pattern reviews, life observations and general thoughts!