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Candy Castle Cotton Candy Dream Dress Review May 17, 2018

Wow has it been forever since I’ve blogged!  But, I recently put so much work into making a very special dress, I had to share!

 Presenting the Candy Castle Patterns Cotton Candy Dream Dress

I have always wanted to make an ombre dress with layers of tulle. Ya know, where the darkest colored layer is on the bottom and then each layer on top is a shade lighter? I was not sure how it would turn out because I couldn’t envision:

1)      How gathering the tulle for the skirt would change the color of the tulle. In a single layer, tulle is one color, but layered and gathered – it looks completely different

2)      How the darker layers on the bottom would appear by the time the third layer of tulle was added to the top

So when Rebecca of Candy Castle put out the tester call for an “Un-named Princess Dress” and showed a photo of her daughter in a beautiful tulle creation, I hemmed and hawed for an afternoon…priced out tulle and netting online (because I knew I couldn’t make it to the store in time to get fabric), looked at my already-over-crowded schedule, remembered how my daughter loves to play dress up, and then decided to go for it.

 And I think the end results speak for themselves!


The pattern features a sweetheart neckline with sweet little straps that cross over and tie in the back.

You can make your own bias tape or use purchased tape (although I will say that the purchased stuff is always so stiff…).

The length is tea length, perfect for the younger ones so there is no tripping.



The elastic back and gorgeous tie-straps are my favorite design features for extending the life of the dress; she can wear it for much longer because it will adjust. And then we can pass it on to her cousins.



The directions walk you through every.single.step. WITH excellent photos. Plus if you run into any trouble, there is an active facebook group where you can get some pretty amazing help.

My dress has a layer of cream netting (stiffer than regular tulle), then a layer of American Beauty pink tulle, followed by Paris Pink tulle, then  topped with Light Pink tulle. The bodice is the older David Tutura pink chiffon with 3d ribbon rosettes.

This dress would be great for a ballerina, a princess, a Disney trip , a daddy-daughter dance, a flower girl – anything that requires that extra something special!

If you’re not into the tulle, you can also make an everyday dress. The sweetheart neckline is just so cute, even in regular cotton. This is a great Spring/Summer dress.



Ready to purchase the pattern?  Go here!(This is an affiliate link, my first ever for Candy Castle)
Rather have one made for you? Contact me at to discuss!


Sewing and Embroidery, my how I have missed you! October 9, 2015

Hello! So, my machines are finally out of storage and I’ve got them up and running! My new sewing room is not *quite* setup how I envisioned it…..but it works.  I’m lol-ing as I write that because I’m the only one who can see that all I have are white plastic folding tables and bins and bins and bins and bins and bins and bins and bins and bins of fabric and towels and embroidery supplies sitting around me!  But, I can find what I need and I’ve already been working away on these beauties:

babysweetness_birthannouncement_chevron_5 babysweetness_birthannouncement_chevron_2

While the shop was closed, I was so delighted to receive several requests from people who had purchased (or received as a gift!) an embroidered birth announcement for their first child and now they wanted a matching one for their second child!  They were so patient; some waited a YEAR just to get that perfect nursery item!  I was happy to oblige!

Here’s hoping for a productive 2015 to make up for all of that time I was closed!  For the month of October, I have a 10% off coupon in the etsy shop; use NEWHOUSE10:

Thanks for looking!