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Sewing and Embroidery, my how I have missed you! October 9, 2015

Hello! So, my machines are finally out of storage and I’ve got them up and running! My new sewing room is not *quite* setup how I envisioned it…..but it works.  I’m lol-ing as I write that because I’m the only one who can see that all I have are white plastic folding tables and bins and bins and bins and bins and bins and bins and bins and bins of fabric and towels and embroidery supplies sitting around me!  But, I can find what I need and I’ve already been working away on these beauties:

babysweetness_birthannouncement_chevron_5 babysweetness_birthannouncement_chevron_2

While the shop was closed, I was so delighted to receive several requests from people who had purchased (or received as a gift!) an embroidered birth announcement for their first child and now they wanted a matching one for their second child!  They were so patient; some waited a YEAR just to get that perfect nursery item!  I was happy to oblige!

Here’s hoping for a productive 2015 to make up for all of that time I was closed!  For the month of October, I have a 10% off coupon in the etsy shop; use NEWHOUSE10:

Thanks for looking!